Mike Espy

U.S. Senate - Mississippi

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As the first African American Congressman from Mississippi since the 1800s, Mike Espy worked hard to meet the needs of all Mississippians, supporting legislation from both sides of the aisle, in order to unite the country and drive a path forward in the South. Mike Espy wants to head back to Washington to do the same work, in the Senate. Mississippians deserve a Senator who will not use hateful, race-based rhetoric, and voter suppression to advance in elections. Mike Espy is an advocate for economic advancement for all citizens, regardless of background, and wants to increase the accessibility of child-care services, increase the minimum wage and expand the Earned Income Tax Credit. Mike Espy wants to reduce tariffs that hurt agricultural advancement in rural areas, and enhance the livelihood of Mississippi farmers. The CBCPAC proudly endorses Mike Espy’s campaign for U.S. Senate.

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