Chairman Gregory Meeks' Response to Donald Trump

CBCPAC Chairman Gregory Meeks responds to Trump’s speech to African Americans

Dear Friends,

After months of disparaging women, minorities, and immigrants Donald Trump did something astonishing. On Tuesday, during a speech in Wisconsin, he had the audacity to claim that he would be an advocate for African American families across our nation.

This is the same Donald Trump that questioned the ability of an American federal judge due to his Mexican heritage. The same Donald Trump that tweeted out an anti-Semitic image to attack Hillary Clinton. The same Donald Trump that wants to ban an entire religion from entering our country. And yes the same Donald trump that said of a supporter, “look at my African American over here”.

We know better than to trust Trump to stand up for our communities. His empty promises aren’t fooling us. From his discriminatory housing policies, perpetual racist lies about our community and President, calling for the execution of five innocent Black men and kinship with white supremacists; Donald Trump has shown who he is time and time again. Trump’s 11th-hour attempt to appeal to the Black community is both laughable and deplorable.

Donald Trump can't distract from his bigotry nor who he really is. He has not only failed to talk to our community, but he continues to treat us as second class citizens.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has been there for our community throughout her life. She understands that America can’t be great unless all of us have the chance to reach our God-given potential. She has concrete proposals on education, the economy, and criminal justice reform and will be a partner with us in the White House.

It’s critical that we do everything we can to keep this man and his supporters FAR away from our nation’s capital. Our shared values depend on it. Thank you—for everything you do.


Gregory W. Meeks