Congressional Black Caucus PAC Chair Meeks Responds to Sanders Criticizing President Obama's Leadership

The Congressional Black Caucus PAC Chair Congressman Gregory Meeks released the following statement responding to Senator Bernie Sanders criticizing President Obama's leadership in a recent interview:

I condemn and strongly disagree with recent criticisms from Senator Sanders that call into question President Obama's leadership ability and insinuating that he has been "weak" on progressive issues. Maybe Senator Sanders has forgotten that President Obama has brought our country back from the brink of a financial collapse, maybe he's forgotten that President Obama fought for quality and affordable healthcare for millions of Americans, maybe he's forgotten that when Congress wouldn't act President Obama took executive actions on gun control.

During the course of his presidency, we have seen time and time again his commitment to middle-class families, reducing unemployment rates, acting on climate change, and protecting woman's rights, and much more. Despite the President facing unprecedented opposition from Republicans in Congress who vowed to block all of his policies, he has been extremely productive and moved our country in the right direction. Senator Sanders wants to undo President Obama's accomplishments for our nation while Secretary Clinton will build and expand on them.

I believe Senator Sanders' disparaging comments towards the President are misplaced, misguided, and do not give credit where credit is due. No matter how much Senator Sanders and his surrogates self-servingly claim otherwise, President Barack Obama will go down in history as one of the best presidents of all time.


In 2011, Bernie Sanders called for a primary challenge to President Obama, saying that it would be good for American democracy. Bernie Sanders has called President Obama “weak.” In January, Bernie Sanders endorsed an anti-Obama book called “Buyer’s Remorse: How Obama Let Progressives Down”. In a quote featured on the book’s cover, he wrote that people should “read this book.” However, instead of apologizing for this insult to President Obama, Bernie Sanders doubled down and stood by his quote. Bernie Sanders said that his own presidency would be a “course correction” from President Obama’s administration. Bernie Sanders continues to deploy campaign surrogates like Cornell West and Killer Mike who have a history of repeatedly attacking President Obama.

Founded in 1994, The Congressional Black Caucus PAC works to increase the number of African Americans in the U.S. Congress, support non-Black candidates that champion our interests, and promote African American participation in the political process with an emphasis on young voters.